Hand crafted VW campervan conversions and T5 conversion kits

VW Camper Van Conversions

At Cambee our aim is to combine beautifully crafted retro VW interiors with the practicality of a reliable modern VW T5. We convert VW transporters to create campervans tailored to your lifestyle. From a simple two berth camper to seven seat Kombi leisure van built for work and pleasure.

Cambee conversions perfectly blend the romance of traditional VW campers with the reliability and functionality of a modern class leading van. Built on the latest in a long line of the classic Volkswagen Transporter range, in our T5 conversions you drive a vehicle designed for today's roads, with power steering, aircon and heating. A Cambee will take you further and faster, in car-like comfort and safety, where the traditional bay-window or split-screen never could.

Our Designs

Which camper is right for you?

Although we definitely don’t believe in cookie-cutting our campers, it doesn’t hurt to have a few guidelines to bear in mind when you’re designing one from the ground up.

The right interior depends 100% on how - and how often - you'll use your camper. From month-long adventures, to casual weekend jaunts, we’ve designed 4 models that have you covered.

Grand Tour

All you need for long term touring - camp in luxury.


The retro camper with today’s reliability - a modern classic.


The weekender or day-van for sport or play.


Sleep, cook and carry in your kombi work van.

Built for life

Sustainability through longevity

Right from the outset we have tried to make the best use of every available nook and cranny by using clever design that doesn’t compromise on style or most importantly safety.

Built from classic robust materials such as Birch ply and Formica our furniture is designed to last a lifetime, what is more, being real wood it can be simple refinished with few coats of varnish once a couple of generations have had their enjoyment.