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  • How Green is a Campervan

    So how green is a Cambee campervan? It’s a simple question but a hard one to answer and depends on many different factors. In a straight head to head between a new VW T6 and a mid-sized family estate car, based on fuel economy and emission alone, the family estate will win hands down. But …

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  • Dane & Becky’s Tourer

    Dane & Becky loved all the details in the Tourer but also like the wood finish of the Classic, no problem we made a few alterations and combined the two…  

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  • First off the line!!

    Brian and Sue’s new “Tourer” is the first off out of our new production facility in Buckfastleigh. Great work from the Cambee team getting Brian as Sue’s new Cambee Tourer ready for collection. our new facility has made a great difference to smoothing our work flow. With more than double the space of our Kingsteignton …

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  • Caron and Gary’s Tourer

    Gary & Caron took the risk of commissioning our new Tourer from just a few cad drawings, and we are very glad they did! It spurred us into action to get the long awaited Tourer into production with us not only building one for them but also a test run with a stock van, see …

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  • The New “Tourer” interior

    Still the same high quality birch ply cabinets only now fully wrapped in Formica. As much as we love our retro interiors we know they aren’t for everyone. So we have come up with the Tourer for something a little more masculine. That said there is nothing to stop us wrapping the whole thing in …

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  • FAQ’s

    12v and 240v volt electrics explained There are two components to the power system. 12v – all the electrical items in your van will operate from this eg lights, usb sockets, water pump and fridge. 240v hookup – this powers any mains sockets in the van and consists of an input socket , a MCB …

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  • Cambee Flex & Fitting Guides

    Will The Bed Fit In My Van? – view here East Fit Subframe Fitting Guide – view here Underbed Drawer Kit Fitting Guide – view here     

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  • The Flex 118 is off to Oz

    In latest Cambee news, we are shipping a Flex 118 and Reimo easy-fit roof to Garry from Melbourne, Australia. Garry couldn’t find a decent R&R bed down under, so he cast his net a little wider and in his eyes the Flex 118 was the juiciest catch. The long journey of 10,661 miles started with our trusty distributors, Vallance who have …

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  • Our First South Pole Phone Order

    We are building our first Ford Custom conversion for an unusual customer…. Ian has ordered his conversion by sat phone from the Antarctic!! Ian is station leader at the King Edward Point Research Station South Georgia South Atlantic (the base for the British Arctic Survey, pictured above in all its glory. Having spent the …

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