10 Essentials to have Onboard for your Next Adventure

The joy of having a campervan designed just for you is the ability to incorporate all of the luxuries of home so that you can tackle any adventure you like in style! That said, there are a few extra essentials that are sometimes overlooked.  We’d recommend getting this little lot on board before you next hit the road, whether it’s your first road trip or your 101st! 

Riemo awning attached to Cambee conversion


If you plan on staying somewhere for a day or two an awning can provide an excellent little extra bit of space to spread out.  Cambee owner Kim loves her Riemo awning with added telescopic poles for robustness.  Whether somewhere to dump your wet gear or a spot to sit out in if the weather turns a little, an awning gives you an additional room to maximise 

Simple Pantry

When on the road we love to buy and eat local as much as possible.  However, it’s important to keep some essentials in your store cupboard so that you can whip up a meal or a good brew whilst you find your bearings. 

As a minimum we stock our ‘pantry’ with 

  • Herbs, spices and seasoning, 
  • Dried pasta and sauce, 
  • Cereal or porridge, 
  • Jam, honey and peanut butter, 
  • Sauces for extra flavour
  • Tea and coffee
  • Lentils, chickpeas and other pulses 
  • Rice or couscous (or both)! 
  • Bottle of wine. Of course! 

Wet Weather Gear 

Because there’s no guarantee of the weather, wherever you’re adventuring! Having some good waterproofs and decent walking shoes in the van will ensure you can enjoy exploring whatever the elements throw at you. You can also disrobe at the door keeping the van free of soggy socks and damp smells! Close up of map inside Cambee conversion


Super simple but an absolute essential ‘just in case’.  Arm yourself with a comprehensive, easy to read road atlas and keep it in an easily accessible location.  We’d recommend the Philip’s Navigator for its simplicity and robustness, it also has a handy 6 page route planner to help you plan your perfect adventure. SatNav is great to just get you there but maps give you the opportunity to see what is on the way and add a detour or two. For sat nav we recommend NavMii on your phone, you can download the maps so you don’t need to use data, useful when you are in the middle of nowhere with no signal!

Movie being projected onto the outside of a campervan

Torch and outdoor lights

Another easy to overlook but absolute necessity for navigating your way to the loo in the dark or in case of an emergency.  Go for something lightweight and powerful like the trusty and repairable Maglite Solitare which is small and tough enough to double as a keyring. We also like these LED Lanterns, more versatile than a torch too. If you have an inch of space left in your camper, cram in some fairy lights, battery powered are easy and make for a cosy outdoor camp setup.  Don’t forget your extra batteries too! 

Board Games/Books

Especially if you’re travelling with kids.  We love getting out and about in all conditions, cajoling the kids along for an explore with us.  But if the weather really does turn or you just fancy a quiet day enjoying the campsite or park up spot, it’s good to have a small stash of bits to keep the kids entertained (little and big).

fire pit at sunset

Fire Pit or BBQ

Even if you can cook up a storm in your van, there’s something magical about whipping up dinner outdoors over a barbecue or fire pit.  Take a good supply of coals or firewood (or pick some up en route) and you’ve got everything you need to cook up a delicious al fresco feast wherever you end up. As always, remember to be responsible about lighting your fire outdoors and leave nothing behind when you head off on the next leg of your adventure. 

If there’s room, a portable cooker is a great shout for the morning fry up or cooking your greens – which can leave a bit of a whiff in the van!

Cosy campervan interior with crocheted blanket

Plenty of Blankets and Cushions

Equally good for a little extra cosiness whilst you sleep or for making an awesome outdoor nest from which to stargaze to your heart’s content, we always take as many snuggly bits as we can along on our adventures. 

First Aid Kit

Not sexy we know but absolutely essential in case you find yourself in a spot of bother when exploring somewhere a little more remote. Check out the NHS recommendations for first aid kit necessities. 

Bottle Opener

Because, wine.  

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully gives you a good start to make your next road trip the best yet! 

As always we love talking all things vans and camping so please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project! 


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