The Cambee Story

It’s more than just a van

We love the fun you can have with campers and have always been inspired by the classic split screens and bay windows, still putting in service after 40 to 50 years on the road, albeit with a little help from their enthusiastic owners…

Our mission is to build the next generation of classic campervans, combining safe, economical and hard-wearing modern shells with beautiful retro-cool interiors made from sustainable birch ply, durable Formica and the latest mod-cons. It’s an investment built to ensure long-term value, but a Cambee is so much more than a practical and comfortable home on wheels.

Like the original trusty split screen, a Cambee takes on the personality of its owner. Our customers name their campers, as they become a cherished friend, loved for life.


We also know how important your conversion is, and we want you to be able to keep in touch with it’s progress right to the moment you get your keys. That’s why we want to invite you to have a look around the Cambee workshop, and see for yourselves where all the magic happens.

In the beginning…

Van life

Cambee founder and designer Matt first began looking for a camper for his own family, to explore their home turf of Devon and recapture some of the fun he’d enjoyed in his grandparents’ bay window Dormobile as a child.

Having just passed her test, Matt’s wife Saori didn’t think she’d manage the school run in a big old bay, and with Matt’s weekly commute to a London TV edit suite, a bus was off the cards for him too. Without space at home for 3 vehicles, it fell to Matt’s trusty old Golf to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of a T5. When, van sorted, it was time to find the right conversion, perfectionist Matt struggled to find anything “off the shelf” to fit the bill. So, he dusted off his carpentry tools (from a past life as a furniture maker), called in some favours and, before long, the Cambee Grand Tour was born.


Mr Precision, Tom is a fully trained joiner who served his apprenticeship at a local windows and stairs joinery shop before graduating to Cambee. Tom makes sure we stay on the straight and narrow with a keen ability to hone the finest joints and scribe the perfect fit.


Storm is Cambee’s engine, an unstoppable powerhouse of positivity, energy and skill that motivates us all to put every last bit of effort into getting the job done and done right. There is no such word as “can’t” in Storm’s world, just a will to find a way.


Just as at home on the sewing machine as she is putting together a set of panels or making up a roof bed, Lisa deals with all things fabric. It’s her soft touch that really finishes off our interiors.


Having completed his apprenticeship at Princess Yachts building luxury cabins, Rowan joined the Cambee crew as our final fitter. He’s seen pretty much all of the Cambee conversions out the door - his skills have been turned to every job here, barring Bertie’s accounts. Never rushed, he will see every last detail of the fitout is done to a T. And if there is ever a problem, his encyclopedic knowledge will find a way to fix it.


Bertie likes to keep all the boxes ticked when it comes to the accounts. God save any who loses a receipt or puts a delivery note in the wrong place! But as adept as we are at building campers, it would all come to a grinding halt without his meticulous attention to the finances.


Lewis is our in-house human CNC machine, named for his incredible skill at taking any drawing or sketch and turning it into a thing of beauty. If you have an idea for something “a bit different”, Lewis is the man to bring it to life.


Monkey is our resident VW mechanic who likes nothing better than cutting a big hole in the top of a van! To fit an elevating roof, of course. You’ll probably hear him before you see him, as he sings along to the radio (and by “sings”, we mean soprano-operatic-heavy-metal-banshee-wails!)


At the helm of the good ship Cambee, Matt is founder and designer in chief. A stickler for perfection, he sees it as his mission in life to make sure every little detail of our conversions are as good as they can be. But with such an able crew of ship mates around him, he’s equally happy when his duties are demoted to making the tea and sweeping up.


Saori, Matt’s wife, heads up a crack team of wreckers. They are small but perfectly formed and have a special knack of destroying any cabinet not built to the highest standards in minutes. Regularly known to bring Matt to his knees with their demands for more space to stow yet another toy or teddy in their already brimming camper, Saori and the kids are a vital part of the inspiration behind Cambee.


Inspector Gadget - if there is something to plug in, Louis has got it. A 2000 mile round trip is an opportunity for some serious gadget time, testing the onboard power and in-car entertainment to the max. Road trips can be fun for the kids with Louis in charge of the entertainment.


As long as there is room for a few of her small-car-sized collection of teddies then Mia is happy. Mind you we always need to save a little extra space on the way home for her hoard of botanical beach swag.


She might be the little one, but Bubbles is willing to perch on any surface or ledge when launching herself up into the roof space or rear bunk, so beware any bracket or fixing that hasn’t been joined and glued to the highest strength.