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Sustainability at the heart of Cambee

As a bunch of outdoor loving campers in the heart of Devon, the natural environment is hugely important to us and it’s this respect for our surroundings that underpins everything we do here at Cambee.

Whilst of course we are aware that the heavily industrial process of

creating a brand new van or vehicle is not always the most environmentally friendly, we do everything we possibly can to offset the impact of the construction process with our conversions. 

Built for Life

We want every Cambee driven away from our workshop to have the longest, happiest life with its new family. As VW campervan conversion specialists, we know that VW make shells that really last, thereby reducing the frequency with which you need to replace the base vehicle.

Whilst you might get a good 8 to 10 years from a brand new car, once it’s past its prime the decision will come down to one of two options; investing money and environmental energy repairing it, or replacing it entirely and starting the production cycle, and associated environmental impact, all over again.  

A campervan is an even bigger investment but should last significantly longer than any car if looked after right. It’s our mission to ensure that the inside of your conversion outlasts the van it sits in. We also convert a lot of second hand vehicles which extends the life of the vans, and every additional years’ use you get out of your van reduces its relative impact on the environment per mile travelled.  

All of our interior components are designed for disassembly using sustainable materials (rather than plastics for our catches and fittings), so that it’s quick and easy to repair should anything go awry. Again reducing the amount of waste we produce. 

Sustainable materials

We predominantly use hard-wearing birch ply for the inside of our conversions. Not only is it incredibly robust and long lasting, it is lighter than other options which has an impact on the fuel efficiency of your van.

Our birch is sourced from sustainable forests in Europe where the wood is indigenous to the region. This supports local ecosystems and reduces the environmental strain of growing, harvesting and using non-native species. 

The Formica used to get that coveted Cambee ‘look’ is formed from compressed paper and is super durable meaning you should get years and years of enjoyment from your finished van. 


Local Suppliers

One thing we’re keen on at Cambee is getting the miles under our wheels when out and about. But something we’re trying hard to minimise are the miles your camper does before you’re even at the wheel!

We’re delighted to say that 20 of our crucial suppliers are local to us in the South West, more precisely within Devon and Somerset. 


Repurposed Premises

Our commitment to sustainability reaches into every corner of Cambee. Almost 2 years ago, the business had grown sufficiently, and the time had come to move to bigger premises.

We could easily have plumped for a shiny, new unit on a recently developed business park, but instead we found a 1980’s brown field site, with a well-built, but tired and rather rundown building.

Since then we have repurposed the site and will continue to improve the building as Cambee expands, bringing new life to a local area which is in need of regeneration, and a longer life to an existing business premises.

Personal commitment

We really do practice what we preach here at Cambee. Many of the team own campervans and spend a whole lot of time in them embarking on low impact adventures.  We’re conscious of our surroundings and ensure that any road trips we take on are done so with mindfulness and as sustainably as possible – eating locally, supporting small, local enterprises, seeking out low impact sites and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Please do get in touch with us if you’d like any hints and tips on making your own adventures a little more environmentally friendly – or if you have any recommendations for us, we always want to learn more! 

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