Campervan Child Bunk

A handy (and affordable) extra berth for your camper is a fold up child bunk. Once both front seats are rotated our bunk simply sits across them, making a comfy bed for those under 5′. Also included is a safety net to stop any bumps in the night!

The bunk also doubles up as a great day bed, which makes a popular spot to take a snooze or read a book puffed up on some pillows and with your feet out of the window. There’s no better place to while away a few hours.

Available for both double and single passenger seats.




4 responses to “Campervan Child Bunk”

  1. Paul Westlake says:

    Hi does this bed fit a VW T4 as well?

    • MatthewShop says:

      Hi Paul

      Yes we can make the bunk to fit a T4, do you have a double or single passenger seat?

      Note both driver and passenger seats need to rotate for the bunk to fit.



  2. Paul Westlake says:

    Hi Matthew, thanks for your reply, we have two sngle front seats both swivel. Could you tell me the dimensions of the bed? And how do we order one. And the cost for a t4.


  3. Melanie Southworth says:

    Hi. Can you make these for a type 2 bay window? We have a swivel passenger seat and we can have a table made Inbetween the seats.