Classic Gallery

Check out some of our latest Classic conversions:

Dan and Tanya’s Mobile Office

Dan and Tanya T5 blue interior

Authors of the best-selling Wild Swimming series, Dan and Tanya, were no strangers to campervan life. They’d toured the country for years in a bare bones T4, hunting out amazing places to take a dip and then writing about them. But when their son came along and their informative guides started taking off, they decided the time had arrived to trade up in the world.

They came to us looking for an interior which would sleep the 3 of them comfortably, offer cooking facilities for post-swim suppers and double as an office in the day, so that they could dry off – and get to work on those future best-sellers!

We packed their Cambee Classic with solar panels, an inverter (sequestered lakes don’t tend to come with EHU), plus lots of sockets and charging points for their electrical sidekicks, creating an outdoor office sleeper inky blue as their hidden pools.

Dan and Tanya T5 overhead lockers Dan and Tanya r and r bed with table


Paula’s Classic

Paula's Classic T5 interior

It’s hard not to feel a little bit cheerful looking at Paula’s red, white and baby blue interior, made even airier by additions like two swivelling front seats, overhead lockers, an under-bed drawer. This is our versatile model turned out for longer trips away.

“Love love love my Classic camper. Thank you”

Paula's classic T5 boot Paula's Classic boatyard 2



Marty in the wild

Marty was our demo van before finding a home with Beth and Tim, and as a Cambee Classic conversion with an opening safari roof, the first of his kind. Though he hasn’t yet been back to see the savannahs of the Maasai Mara, he has been able to graze multiple British plains on explorations with Beth and Tim’s growing family.

Primed with 4 sockets, extra kids’ bunks and the children’s paradise that is the safari roof den, Marty could keep a family of campers tame for weeks at a time.

Marty T5 interior Marty boot



Jo and Matt’s Classic “Air”

Cliff Pod interior

Matt and Jo had been crashing in an almost empty T5 for quite a while before they brought it to Cambee for a revamp. Both are keen outdoorsy types, with a soft spot for North Wales, where Jo’s from, and at their most comfortable half way up a rock face… But after a day scaling the Llanberis Pass, coming back to a night on a blow up bed was seeming less and less appealing. Deciding it was time for a little more luxury, they brought Cliff in.
Liking the idea of a removable pod, which let them cook in the great outdoors, they went for modified GT cupboards with a cool box, and opted for our low “Air” units (without back cupboards) so they’d have as many windows to gaze out at the Welsh dales from as possible. The combination worked especially well with their LWB, twin doored base – who we hear is soon taking them to France.

Cliff interior Gt curtains CLiff pod kitchen outside

A few snaps from Jo of Cliff doing his thing in Wales:

Cliff and Jo in Wales

Matt cooks up the most important meal of the day on the Pod kitchen:

Matt and Cliff at breakfast 2


Rob’s Classic Pod

Rob's LWB Camera Camper 01

Director of photography and cameraman Rob wanted both a quintessential camper and an ideal location vehicle –  but he didn’t want two vans. He asked us to merge the main characteristics of the two, to create somewhere he could stay in comfort, that would carry all his kit and make a steady shooting platform for car-to-car and traveling shots.

With twin sliding doors for filming out of, and the overall driving finesse of the T5, his base van was off to a good start. We played to its strengths by adding a lift out cooker Pod, so that Rob could film freely through the doorway – and rustle up a mean meal out under the stars.

Side kitchen Cook in the open Factory rotating captain seats Mains and inverter power

A bed on Cambee’s rail system allowed him to carry a small shipping container of kit  to location (or sports gear on his on days off), while a large, removable under bed draw meant storage space definitely wasn’t a problem.  We crowned all this with sockets on virtually every available surface – and Souk was ready for (lights, camera) action!… Rob tells us they’ve since been out as far as Morocco on the job together.

Removable underbid draw, makes room for surfboards or a kayak Sliding table Camping in the woods Room for Bikes etc


Dom’s Classic

Dom smith interior T5

A doctor from the South West with a weakness for waves, Dom coasted into the Cambee office looking for something simple to bring his LWB T5 to life for weekend breaks on the breakers. Our Classic package, without extras, was just what he was looking for. The Cambee Double Flex left enough clear space under the bed for 5 surfboards, if Dom had them, while the 12v fridge, double hob and sink took care of meal times. To finish things off, we lathered the interior in blue suede and fitted an SCA roof with windows, so he could gaze out at the sky and the briny deep from bed.

Dom Smith Hob Dom Smith boot



Michael’s Stealthy Classic

Michaels stealth interior

Michael’s job took him around the country inspecting farms, and through a fair few of its B&Bs until one morning he decided he’d had his last half-full English…  A camper was definitely a better place to be hitting the hay.

At the top of our mission statement with this camper: making sure it didn’t look like a camper at all. Michael wanted to be able to kip in the back without a soul knowing he was in there. Commence operation: Covert Camper.

With work taking him considerable distances, he was looking for a van in pretty good condition to start with, so we helped him source a simple, low mileage model. It didn’t have any rear windows, which worked well with our ruse but risked giving Michael cabin fever, so we fitted a set in tinted glass in the middle panels. Next we fashioned a special blackout blind to separate the cab from the cabin at night – successfully creating the illusion that all you’d find within were nuts and bolts…

Inside, of course, there was really a full set of our Classic side units, a cushy double Cambee R & R and white suede-lined padding. Making sure Michael (who had a fair few inches on most campers) was completely comfortable, we also shortened the lockers and the cabinets, to keep knocks to the head to a bare minimum.

Michaels stealth rear Michaels black out blind T5



Emma and Dom’s Classic

Emmas Baby blue classic

With a rare baby blue paint job and a snazzy set of wheels, Emma and Dom’s ex-mobility van is a tall glass of water on the outside. On the inside they went for zest with lime green doors and punchy curtains, anchored by a Cambee bed in Harrow grey.

An example of an almost, but not quite whole Cambee conversion – the elevating roof was already in place when the van arrived, which we lined along with the rest of the cabin.

Emmas baby blue classic interior Emmas baby blue classic rear


 Anna and Malcolm’s Classic

Red interior

Between all the nooks and crannies in their home turf of Devon and the sunny highways of Europe, retired BBC cameraman Malcolm and his wife Anna had a long list of places to drive off into the sunset to.

Opting for a Cherry Harrow seat, Sunrise red floor, Rosso red cabinets and curtains recycled from a well-loved pair of drapes from home, there are no prizes for guessing what this couple’s favourite colour is.

To make sure their van didn’t also leave their finances in the red, we fitted overhead shelves, a lower priced alternative to lockers, and chose to adapt a Classic for longer campsite tours rather than go for the GT, adding in hook-up and swiveling front seats to ensure it was up to task.

“The van is going very well and we are looking forward to the camping season. Everybody admires the conversion and we tell them it works very well”

Red interior T5 Red interior shelves



Matt’s Classic

Stock 2 Tone exterior 2

Matt’s latest demo seemed a bit too good to hand over to his little terrors for the summer so, spotting this ex plumber’s van for under £3,000, he jumped at the chance for a low cost stand-in that he wouldn’t have to spend his holiday patrolling.
Though with almost 150k on the clock, Duke had definitely served time, Matt knew that a little TLC would have it spick and span for the annual family trip to the South of France.

And right he was – a two-tone paint job quickly took care of the dings around the bottom of the body, and a set of Classic cabinets and Safari roof soon breathed new life into the interior – Duke was reborn. Matt and the terrors had a fantastic few runs in him before adding an extra removable seat to sell on to a local family with 5 kids so Duke coud enjoy his camper retirement in god hands.

Stock 2 Tone interior Stock 2 Tone interior drawer

Proof a van that’s putt in some hard graft is definitely well worth concidering if you’re anual milage will be sub 10k – and makes a great budget option for the family getaway.


Joe’s LWB Classic

Joes LWB classic R and R bed

Joe, dad Adrian and sister Lucy were true blue surfers if ever we’d seen any – with Lucy currently cutting a swath through several international junior surf championships. They came to us looking for a T5 that would take them, boards and all, down to local waves and on the occasional surfari further away.

Cambees actually already ran in the family, beginning with Adrian’s LWB T5 day van, which we built around a double Flex bed (extended to 7’9″ because Adrian himself was almost of surf board height ). After some good times in this, Joe decided it was time to invest in a surf-mobile of his own.

Convenience for his boards was the top priority – so he went for a bed and Classic cabinets, ditching the under bed drawer to free up board space. Classic SWB units in a LWB van left room for a well-concealed loo unit, so this  van could take care of everything on whichever secluded shore it ended up.

Joes LWB classic Cambee Joes LWB classic