GT: “Eliza”


A husband and wife team from Bristol, Ellie and Gavin liked the clean lines of Cambee’s design and deemed us the most likely to put together a simple, retro interior that harked back to the surfing VWs of old.

Their finished LWB GT is a melodious blend of white, grey and orange, with a colour scheme that hangs on the curtains – a fail safe way of striking interior design gold.

A few of the clues that Eliza is a little more 21st century than the original Westfalias? A shower attachment on the back of the van lets the surfing couple hose themselves down straight from the water. You also wouldn’t have caught an elevating SCA roof 30 years ago. Wild for our safari roof, the couple commissioned us to transform their ready-fitted SCA into an open air sitting platform for even more fun. Topped off with drawers (a LWB bonus) and swivelling front seats, Eliza’s got it all.




The rear hose attachment is small but it does the job. The couple plumped for a 25L Elgena water heater for theirs, the closet you can get to a warm bath on the road.