12v and 240v volt electrics explained
There are two components to the power system.
12v – all the electrical items in your van will operate from this eg lights, usb sockets, water pump and fridge.
240v hookup – this powers any mains sockets in the van and consists of an input socket , a MCB RCD trip unit and plug sockets
To keep the leisure battery charged when on hook-up (and therefore keep the fridge running for extended periods) you need to convert 240v to 12v, this needs a battery charger. The type we fit a a 3-stage (intelligent) charger which will ensure your battery is kept in good condition and and not degrade it in the way unintelligent types can.
Winter Prep
Don’t forget to drain the water from your taps to avoid any frost damage. Simply switch off the pump then lift the Tap handle and the water will syphon back into the tank. If its really cold weather its best to empty your tank completly.