Grand Tour Gallery

The latest GTs off the line and a few old Cambee favourites:


Grand Tour 2 berth 2003 VW camper 1.9 104 bhp T5, 7 belted seats, 3 way fridge, removable rock & roll bed, removable double buddy seat, DVD player and 19″ TV
Captain Seats

Jasmine interior

Having been on a fair few camper trips in his time, Matt (Cambee’s proprietor) knows all the necessities for travelling with children. Transforming his van, Jasmine, into the ultimate family camper, we added extras like a track system with double buddy seats, so it could transport the kids & co to the south of France, as well as take care of school runs back home. Next up was the dashboard DVD player with 19″ flat screen, topped off with a huge 3 way fridge with room for a week’s worth of ice creams. He’s yet to hear a complaint…

Jasmine tv Jasmine exterior



Grand Tour 2 berth, 2004 T5 1.9 110bhp, 28k, Cambee fixed roof, 4 belted seats

T% retro interior

Annie was our very first camper conversion and paved the way for all the Cambees to come. We spent around 10 months slowly converting her, making templates and recording every aspect of the interior as we went along. This included coming up with our own unique Rock and Roll bed, designed not only to be more comfortable, safer and to provide better storage, but also to be removable so that Annie would work as a multi function camper. We’re definitely pleased with the results.

We also built her a removable mobile office pod, which has proved popular with photographers and cameramen. Receiving a final nip and tuck in the form of an engine remap from 85Bhp to 110Bhp, she was ready to set off on an adventure.

Annie was sold to Chris and Judith to be used for sports activities (keeping warm while the kids compete…), family holidays with their two children, and during the rest of the year with bed removed and a set of protective panels installed, doubles as Chris’ kombi work van for his electrical contracting business.

We started as we meant to go on: creating a quality interior, with plenty of substance and a whole lot of style.

Annie mobile office Annie back shot r and r bed open


Mox and Kristin’s GT

Mox and Kristins Bay

Mox and Kristin’s bay had more character in its rear view mirror than many camper vans, but time had taken its toll on the T2, and this couple had had to struggle up one too many hills in it. They wanted something more reliable to tow their young family around and across the channel in, which would also rise to the challenge of… the school run.

Sad as they were to part with their Westfalia, they came to Cambee knowing that if anyone could maintain the vintage feel of a 70s original, we would.


Mox and Kristin's GT interior

We spent 3 hours just deciding on a curtain fabric on their first visit. But the time was well invested – once the curtains were down, everything else just fell into place around them.

We’re a little bit in love with the finished result:

 Mox and Kristin's Gt Drawer Mox and Kristin Gt extra bunk


Tanya’s GT

Tanya's Menschkos interior

Tanya had had a windfall and decided to invest it in a no-expenses-spared tourer. She put her all into crafting her ideal interior, which paid off in full – this GT’s quite the visual masterpiece!

High specs were the theme of the composition – with matching front swivel seats and an SCA roof all in a flash new T5.

Tanya's Classic butterflies Tanya's butterflies rear Tanya M's Cambee Bed


Kim and Nick’s GT

Kim and Nicks GT interior 2

A keen cyclist, Nick wanted something to take him and wife Kim across the channel, and a bicycle made for two wasn’t going to cut it. They wanted a van that Kim could sit comfortably in for long periods to act as base camp, while Nick took off on 2 wheeled mountain climbs. Swiveling front seats and the cushy Cambee double took care of comfort, the GT’s cupboard space meant Kim had room for all the books and activities she’d ever need, and a baby blue suede lining kept everything light and airy.

With plenty of space behind and in front of the bed – it was also primed for bicycle transportation. Last time we spoke, Nick was getting ready to travel to this year’s Tour with 4 mates AND their bikes in the back. “Bonne chance” to him!

Cliff drawer T5 interior Kim and Nick Boot space


 Nick and Lorraine’s LWB GT

Nick and Lorraines GT interior T5

Having sold their dental practice, Nick and Lorraine were bound for France and the high life. They’d dreamt of spending retirement sipping chardonnay on a French vineyard somewhere and now just needed a van that would take care of them for a few weeks at a time while they did it.

We didn’t have to think twice about recommending a GT – just the ticket with plenty of room, lots of luxuries, and cubbyholes (to stash a few bottles on the way back). Theirs being a LWB T5, they had space for an extra set of drawers, and plumped for an underbed drawer and overhead lockers to go with them.

Once they’re well acquainted with the French grape, we wonder, is it on to Italy and the Super Tuscans?

Nick and Lorraines WIndscreen Nick and Lorraines Cambee double



Ellie and Gavin’s LWB Classic

Lynch interior Cambee bed

A husband and wife team from Bristol, Ellie and Gavin liked the clean lines of Cambee’s design, and deemed us the most likely to put together a simple, retro interior that harked back to the surfing VWs of old. The finished product’s a melodious blend of white, grey and orange, with a colour scheme that hangs on the curtains – a fail safe method of striking interior design gold.

One of the clues that Eliza’s a little more 21st century than the original Westfalias: a shower attachment on the back of the van lets the surfing couple hose themselves down straight from the water. You also wouldn’t have caught an elevating SCA roof 30 years ago. Wild for our safari roof, the couple commissioned us to transform their ready-fitted SCA into an open air sitting platform for even more fun. Topped off with drawers (a LWB bonus) and swiveling front seats, Eliza’s extremely livable.

Lynch boot Cambee table Lynch kitchen units Lynch Safari roof

Lynch Hose

The rear hose attachment is small but it does its job. The couple plumped for a 25L Elgena water heater for theirs, for warm, bath-like hosing downs.