South pole sat phone order!

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We are building our first Ford Custom conversion for an unusual customer…. Ian has ordered his conversion by sat phone from the Antarctic!!
Ian is station leader at the King Edward Point Research Station South Georgia South Atlantic, this is the base for the British Arctic Survey

Stitched Panorama

Having spent the winter on the base, Ian is currently on a ship heading to the Falkland islands before getting on a military plane and heading back the the UK and to Cambee to see our progress with his conversion

A word from Ian

Thank you for all the time and effort you and your team are putting into this project for me. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I do really appreciate all the effort you are putting in to understand exactly what it is I want out of my van. As the van starts to take shape I am impressed by the lengths you are happy to go to, to meet my design. I cant wait to see the
finished thing.

many thanks


Thanks Ian, we cant wait to see it too, our first Transit Custom including bespoke cabinets, a bike store and Flex 118 on rails, check back here for progress shots.

P1790621  P1590053
P1530770  P1170971
P1530474 P1530711

Working out is bed position at Vaspoers in Plymouth so we can order the track system subframe

DSC04709 DSC04710
DSC04714 DSC04723

Ian’s van arrives

IMG_6584 IMG_6796
Fitting the rail subframe


Cabinets start to take shape

IMG_6822 IMG_6824
IMG_6835 IMG_6843

Rail subframe in, time for lining…

IMG_6855 IMG_6857