Which Campervan Heater?

Whether over the winter months you are just having days out or doing some cold weather camping, a heater can realy help with enjoying the great out doors.

So which heater should you chose for your camper, diesel or gas?

Here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide:


Diesel – Webasto from approx £1250, Eberspacher from approx £1350. Gas – Propex from approx £745



Bad     –

  1. Noisy on startup and smelly outside so if you are on a campsite with people in tents near by you won’t be popular.
  2. Use more electricity and are sensitive to low voltage so you may find that you need a solar panel to keep your leisure battery fully topped up.
  3. Manufacturers recommend regular servicing however anecdotal evidence suggest you can get away with out.

Good   –

  1. You always have diesel and it is a fraction of the cost of gas.
  2. Runs in very low outside temp i.e. if the diesel will run the engine then the heater should work.


Bad      –

  1. They use a lot of gas, on average if you are running the fridge and cooking as well a Gaz 907 bottle will last 4 days, so if you are in a remote spot for a couple of weeks in the winter you will need to take 3 or 4 bottle with you.
  2. Gaz 907 is a butane which when very cold i.e. freezing temperatures will nor release gas fast enough to feed the heater, so you will need to warm the bottle up either in the foot well of the cab or with some hot water.

Good   –

  1. Price
  2. Quiet and friendly to tenting neighbor’s
  3. You can run them on propane which is half the price of Camping Gas and a bottle lasts twice as long

If you have any points to add please drop us a line so we can add them to the blog