Which Roof rack for elevating roofs?

There are a few choices when it comes to fitting roof rails to your elevating roof with a verity of costs and carrying capacities

The first and most popular are South West Campers extremely well made aluminium extruded and anodised bars with all stainless steel fittings. These are a universal type bar that run most of the length of the roof and being of a stiff construction offer good weight distribution when loaded . So how much can they carry  SW Campers say “Although it is down to the vehicle owner what they put on the roof rack, it is our recommendation that no more than 25-30kg is put on to the rack. The roof rack weight carrying capacity is not determined by the roof rack and fixings, but by the elevating roof fixings on to the vehicle.”  That said Reimo rate their roof to 35kg and SCA 70Kg, the SWC rails are of solid construction so along as you are driving sensibly when loaded there should be no reason not to load to the roofs limit.

SWC roof racks     Elevating roof roof bars close up

Supply and fit cost £395

Next up rate Kari-Tek, known for their innovative side loading rail system Kari-Tec rails offer a unique system that allows you to load your roof rack while it hangs down over the side of the van. Aimed squarely at the kayaking community this can also be a useful addition the those who surf or would like to load other light but bulky items on the roof without having to do battle with the wind whilst doing so.

Easy Load Roof Rack (roofrail mounting)

Depending on the type specified the Kari-Tek is the most expensive option here and will also raise the roof hight the most so is best suited to the serious water sports enthusiast.

Supply and fit around £800 depending on type


Finally with a little plundering from SCA and Kari-Tec the lowest profile combination comes from Banwy who supply SCA approved track and suggest fitting a couple of Kari-Teck’s simple cross bars

Banwy rails  Banwy roof rails

Supply and fit cost £365

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