Cambee campervan fitter at work measuring for bespoke interior

Campervan Guides

We make the T5 & T6 make sense

After our houses, our campervans may just be the biggest purchase many of us ever make, so its important to invest wisely. Yet, identifying what you need in a campervan can be a tall order.

With base vehicle, interior layout and details as minute as fridge types all influencing budget and adding to the fun (or frustration!) of your camper, there are tonnes of different factors to consider.

To take guesswork out of the planning process, we are constantly adding to the following guides, so that you can gain from our experience of building and living with campervans.

From finding the right appliances to making sure they all go in an appropriate base vehicle, we’ll help you piece together the budget, getaway or luxury land yacht, to fit your lifestyle and pocket.

We have loads of tips and ideas about designing the inside of your van on our Interiors page.

And if you would like to talk things through, just following the link to our Camperlan Customer Portal to book an onsite or Zoom meeting – and let’s get started!