The VW Transporter: The World’s Ultimate Camper Van

A History Of The VW Transporter

Springing to life in the 1950s, it didn’t take long for VW’s iconic Transporter to be quickly pegged as one of the best vans to convert to a campervan.

The first hand-built prototype was completed in just 3 months and featured seating the driver right at the front of the vehicle whilst the engine was placed at the rear just like the VW Beetle car on which it was based. However, VW were so busy mass producing Beetles that they didn’t start churning out Transporters for a little while longer. 

The shape of that early prototype was developed using a wind tunnel so that it might reduce fuel consumption and make it cheaper to run.

Celebrating its 70th birthday in 2020, the Transporter has evolved over six generations to incorporate more streamlined bodywork, improved engines through the years and increasingly more comfortable interiors, making it an enduringly popular choice for those looking to create a tiny home on wheels.

However, there’s no denying that those classic early models are still hugely popular with camping enthusiasts the world over.

As VW specialists, we love to geek out over the VW Transporter so grab a cuppa, sit back and let us take you on a journey through the history of our favourite model!

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