Volkswagen T2: The Evolution of a Classic

Here comes the ‘Bay’

Building on the unrivalled success of the T1, Volkswagen upgraded to the T2, commonly known as the ‘Bay Window’ or ‘Bay’. 

In developing the T2, Volkswagen reused the Splitty’s existing wheelbase whilst increasing the body size of the van. A greater payload of a whopping 900kg made the T2 significantly more versatile than its predecessor

Addition of the sliding door

VW really heightened the driving experience when developing the T2 with a more powerful engine and better suspension, making it a much more enjoyable drive. The T2 also saw the disappearance of the much-loved split windscreen which improved visibility in the later model and, in time, earning the Bay its own iconic status. 

The T2 also introduced the side bars which could be used as a step for getting in and out of the van – a super simple feature that increases usability even in todays’ Transporters.

A sliding door became standard in the T2 to make for easier loading and, perhaps most significantly, the T2 was the first model to be sold with a pop-up roof which garnered instant success for obvious reasons!

Global production

By 1971, three million T2s had been produced, leading to extra factories in South America and Yugoslavia to meet demand. Production continued right up until 1979 (or 2013 in Brazil before health and safety stepped in)! 

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