Volkswagen T4: The Revolution

Most enjoyable driving experience yet

With the introduction of the T4 in 1990, Volkswagen made the biggest changes yet to the range: this was the first of the Transporters produced with the now conventional front engine and front wheel drive.

These adjustments made for more varied engine choice, bigger load space and the most enjoyable drive experience yet.

This fourth generation Transporter came with a mind boggling range of options for its time, including:

  • Two wheelbases
  • Sliding door on passenger or both sides
  • Tailgate or barn doors at the rear
  • Standard or high-top roof
  • Short or long nose at the front of the van to allow space for a V6 engine
  • Permanent 4 wheel-drive system

So much versatility

Customers had significantly more choices to make with so many new extras. Not to mention the range of model variants on offer too, including the panel van, Kombi, pickup and chassis with both single and double cab options.

The T4 became popular with tradesmen in a way that the T3 (or T25) wasn’t. It was now possible to fit an 8’x4′ sheet inside the vehicle, and the higher build quality gained it a reputation amongst carpenters and craftspeople who wanted to invest in a van that would be also useful for their outdoor leisure activities.

This was no throw-away commercial vehicle, it was a great multifunctional van designed for work and leisure.

Building a campervan classic

The versatility of the T4 allowed customers so much increased customisation that its status as an emerging great was almost inevitable. It became the natural choice for all those wishing to take their outdoor adventures one step further and convert to a campervan.

Volkswagen gave the T4 a facelift in 1996 and production ceased in 2003 after establishing itself as the most popular base vehicle for building campervans….up to that point at least!  

Paving the way for the most versatile Transporter to date – T5.


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