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Reimo   SCA   Standard/Popatop
Standard Easy Fit 196 190 delux 194 extra high Standard Safari
Closing Mechanism Strap Strap Strap Strap Strap Bonnet type catch Turn Buckle Strap Strap
Extra High lift rear hinge o o o o o o
Easy to replace canvas o o o o o o
Zip Back Canvas o o o o o o o o
Front Spoiler o o o o
Gel Coat Colour Match o o o o o
Availability Readily Available Readily Available 2- 4 weeks 2 - 4 weeks 6 to 16 weeks 6 to 16 weeks 6 to 16 weeks Readily Available 2 - 4 weeks
* can be fitted to a LWB van in forward position

T5 & T6 Elevating types

There are many elevating roofs on the market for the T5 & T6 to choose from, with front, side and rear lifting types available in varying quality and price.

We supply two roofs which are locally made for us by Popatop. Both are low profile front elevating with high lift rear hinges for more rear space, have adult headroom in the roof bed and match up to the standard of Reimo and SCA in build and finish quality. The first has a standard canvas; the second is our new "Safari" roof. A twist on the conventional front elevating roof, the safari is a call to the wild with 180-degree views. Just zip back the canvas and enjoy the great outdoors without even getting out of bed. With 4 ft. lift at the front to ensure even the tallest adult can sit up with comfort whilst enjoying a morning brew.
Available with gel coat finish in most VW colours or spray finish for metallic.
In conclusion, although the Standard roof doesn’t have the brand recognition of Reimo or SCA with its heavy-duty high lift hinge and safari canvas option our roof offers very good value for money.
The market leader by a long shot is the German built Reimo; available in front and rear lift, short and long-wheelbase. The reimo comes in two basic types, standard and easy-fit. The standard type has a four-part roof frame to replace the strength removed when cutting a hole in the van roof, and a kit of parts that then attach to the van including the glass fiber roof shell. All standard Reimo roofs are now high lift following SCA’s lead, but still use the traditional low lift rear hinge so have limited rear height. The second type, the “Easy-fit” is a factory assembled roof with built in strengthening frame. This glues onto the van in one piece requiring just the hole to be cut in preparation. The easy fit also has a separate front spoiler for reduced wind noise and a smarter look; internally there is a sliding panel available to close off the upstairs space for a warm and peaceful night downstairs.
In conclusion the Reimo is a very well made roof that is readily available off the shelf even in the busiest periods. However it is expensive in comparison with its rivals due to its brand and market-leading name.
The SCA is the most expensive roof on the market but with good reason. Like the Reimo easy-fit (which came after the SCA), the SCA is completely factory assembled but comes with a separate and substantial ring frame. The frame is secured to the van using a combination of plates and bonding agent and makes the best effort possible to replace the strength removed from the van by cutting the 1.1m by 2.3m hole out of the van roof. This is important when considering what might happen to your camper in an accident. The other advantages are high lift for adult head room in the roof bed, raised lower shell where the canvas joins the van roof to reduce water ingress and capillary action, built in front spoiler for reduced wind noise and on the “Deluxe” version, a sliding panel to close off roof space and bonnet style catches for quick release and closing. The roof canvas is fitted to a track on the underside of the lifting shell, allowing for straightforward replacement should the canvas become damaged. The SCA is available in front and rear lift, standard or high rear hinges.
In conclusion the SCA is worth the extra money if you have the budget or are investing in a new or almost new van and therefore will have a high value camper, the down side is supply particularly in the summer months can be very short, taking up to 16 weeks for delivery from Germany.

These are just three examples of elevating roof available, there are others we can fit that also have niche advantages like the leisure drive side elevating type that is good if you are going to be using your van in windy conditions, i.e. spend a lot of time by the beach, as a side elevating roof gives much more wind protection than a front or rear type. The leisure drive has limited headroom up top though so the bed space is only suitable for smaller children. Another side elevating roof is made by O’Conner’s campers under the Space Roof name and is cavernous upstairs with an extending side panel giving by far the most room upstairs, great canvas colors and stainless steel fixings also set it apart from the crowd but the large canvas will also be noisier in the rain.

Feel free to give us a call on 01364 255 242 or email office@cambee.co.uk if you would like to go over the options in further detail.

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