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The Classic Campervan Kit

So you’ve got the van… now what?

If you’re anything like us, a dream trip is just around the corner, all you’ve got to do is convert your fantastic new van and load up the kids! Easy.

Well, almost. But first you’ve got to tackle the conversion, which is a breeze for those with a Master Carpenter certificate, and a garage full of tools.
But for the rest of us it can take up a lot of time, designing, measuring, ordering and then installing. And that’s where we come in.

Cambee has over 10 years of experience doing all of that – and we’d like to share it with you!

Our complete pre-built Classic furniture kits are the same solid, full length side units as our conversions, but we’ve simplified the installation so they can be shipped to your door and installed in a weekend.

Available in birch-faced ply with sliding doors in one of our 6 Cambee colours, our kits offer a great alternative to a full conversion. Supplied with or without prefitted appliances, the opportunity for you to create your own unique adventure machine is just a couple of clicks away.

We’ve designed them to fit the VW T5 & T6, guaranteeing they’ll fit perfectly and are narrow enough to install a standard double 4ft camper bed without a hitch.

Not got a VW Transporter?  No problem – we can also offer square back units ready for scribing into other vans if required.

If you opt for a kit with appliances you’ll get –

  • Stainless steel Smev 9222 sink/hob
  • 10L fresh and waste water tanks located in the sink units, with 12V pump
  • 12V control panel with plug-and-play systems for lighting and fridge point.

We’ve also left just enough space for our preferred 12V fridge, the Webasto Cruise 49, which we can supply for an additional fee. Alternatively, we can provide or fit a matching door and shelf kit to make an extra cupboard out of the space.

If you’d prefer to customise the units yourself we also offer a cabinet-only option without appliances or electrics.

* Gas connection and safety check not included and will need to be booked in with your nearest provider once you’ve completed the installation.

Classic Kit SWB

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Built for, and thoroughly tested by real kids in our conversions, these birch ply and Formica units are built using CNC technology and tongue-and-groove construction to withstand the knocks and spills that are part and parcel of campervan life.

But these kits aren’t just tough – they’ve got some nifty design features too.


Choice of 6 standard colours

Length: 221cm
Height: 137cm
Depth: 42cm

Optional appliances:

Hob/sink: SMEV 9222
Fridge: Webasto Cruise 49L

Classic Kit LWB

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LWB upgrade for longer vehicles.

We can supply kits with drawer or cupboard extensions, buddy boxes, oven or even a removable Pod for outdoor cooking.


Choice of 6 standard colours

Length: 262cm
Height: 137cm
Depth: 42cm

Optional appliances:

Hob/sink: SMEV 9222
Fridge: Webasto Cruise 65L


  • Slide-to-open cabinet doors, allowing access whether the bed is up or down – so you can still get to the tea in the morning without getting out of bed!
  • Removable shelving in our units and wardrobes so that you have flexible storage options.
  • Large rear access cupboard under the wardrobe for storing folding chairs and larger items out of sight.


  • 25L onboard water tank, or 48L underslung water tank
  • Oven for all your culinary requirements (or heating up pasties!)
  • Sliding table to match worktop, with tough aluminium runner and leg, or colour matched Formica runner and leg. Comes with toggle kit for storing behind the Cambee Flex 118 3/4 width bed

With choice and flexibility at the heart of everything we do, our kits are designed to provide a DIY campervan alternative to a full Cambee conversion. But just because you’re fitting it yourself, shouldn’t mean you can’t have a top of the range van.

The Classic units come in a choice of 6 door colours: Sea Jade, Sea Blue, Rosso, Fuschia, Lime and Orange, all of which will bring a pop of colour to your interior.

We think these 6 cover the bases, but don’t let us cramp your style! Other colours and finishes are available to special order. Just get in touch and let us know what you want.

Breakfast in bed

Sliding doors and fridge access allow you to make your tea in the morning without getting out of bed

Keeping it cool

Webasto Cruise 49L or 65L Elegance 12V fridge with icebox and built-in fan-cooled Danfoss/SeCOP compressor

Everything inc the kitchen sink

Smev 9222 double hob with shatterproof glass lids and stainless steel sink with electric pump

Home from home

With plenty of optional extras, you can have all the comforts of home, including an oven

Matching door and shelf kit

If you aren't planning to have a fridge, we can supply the finishing touches to make your camper as practical as it is stylish

Twin overhead lockers

Hand-crafted in our Cambee woodshop, our overhead lockers are curved for aesthetics and for safety

150L removable under-bed drawer

A quick click removes the drawer leaving clear through-space, perfect for surfboards, paddleboards and other extra long kit

LWB extended work surface

Provides additional counter space in your camper and a cupboard, drawers or oven as an optional extra

Pre-wired electrics

Take the headache out of your power needs with 12V pre-wired electrics and control panel

Pre-plumbed water

10L onboard water tank with electric water pump to tap, or optional extra 25L onboard tank for additional capacity

Roof and window fitting service

Not sure about cutting holes in your van? You won't have to with our roof and window fitting service

Shipping for UK and abroad

Let us know where you'd like your kit delivered and we will arrange it

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