Pod Kits

The Pod kit

Room for everything and the kitchen sink.

Traditional full-length side units aren’t for everyone – whether you have sports kit to stow or lots of family to ferry about, a large set of immovable cabinets are the last thing you need taking up your cabin space. That shouldn’t mean you have to wash with splashes of bottled water or adopt a raw foods diet while you’re out on the road…

Bringing you fresh water, cooked meals and hot tea, the Cambee pods are our compact kitchen solution for T5s & T6s with their load-bearing or camper-carrying work cut out for them. We’ve combined SMEV hobs, sinks, water pumps, even standard-sized fridges in units little bigger than a nightstand. Coming fixed or portable, SWB or LWB, in a broad spectrum of colours, the Pod proves that compact kitchens don’t have to mean limited options.

The Fixed Pod

With a SMEV 8800 combination sink, 49l 12v fridge and 12v electrics, we think of the fixed pod as our compact Classic unit. With all the facilities of side units, bar the storage, a fixed pod’s ideal for those looking for a simply equipped camper that keeps costs down.

Fixed pods fit inconspicuously behind the driver’s seat and leave space for a van-width R & R bed while still allowing for swivelling front seats – the ultimate compromise between space and comfort.

LWB side pod

In a long wheel base T5 & T6 there’s plenty of room to extend the pod down the side of the van to provide additional cupboard space, shelving and a full SMEV 9222 or CAN GR1765. with the choice of double cupboard with sliding doors and a portable coolbox as a fridge, or single cupboard and gas or 12v fridge, the extra 40cm of the LWB T5 & T6 gives a wide range of options for a Pod design.

Portable Pods

Taking flexibility up a notch, the portable Pod will follow you anywhere, whether that’s out under an awning, deep into the forest, or from the carpark down onto the beach.

In our Dart and Go models, we pair the removable Pod with the Dometic 35L cool box, for the full setup, refrigeration and cooking on the go.

The fridge and table configurations are endless with a Pod unit and we thrive on thinking up bespoke new designs to suit our customers precise needs. Please get in touch for further information.

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