Side view of blue and white parked T6 campervan showing sliding doors and boot open with elevated roof up int he countryside
Camper conversion of slide-out kitchen table and blue luxury upholstery seats with cake and tea
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We have great news! Even though we are unable to open up our showroom and see you on site, we can still discuss your dream camper.

So let’s get started on your campervan dream! Talk to us directly about your own specific conversion
or there’s lots of great advice on our guides page.

We can help answer some of the big questions about the pros and cons of different interior layouts, roof types, seating arrangements
or guide you through the steps needed to building your own DIY camper.

Our showroom is open, by appointment, for you to come and talk to us in person, but you can also talk to us
on the phone, or have a face to face with Zoom.

Just setup a meeting, or a call back, with Matthew, Joe, Emma or Storm, to get some detailed advice on your camper project.

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What will I get from a meeting?

Talk to us and we can share our 10 years of experience creating vans tailored to every individual Cambee customer. Including:

  • Getting the most from my campervan conversion
  • Choosing the best base vehicle and how to source a great van
  • Budget and how to get the most for my money
  • Interior layout options, and the pros and cons of all of them
  • How to design a breathtaking interior

How can we help?

For good solid advice on how to plan a camper conversion, and much more besides:

So where to start?

There are so many things to consider when planning a camper, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Our advice always starts with the basics – which elevating roof and which bed to choose? These two things are the most important and will have the biggest effect on your enjoyment of your camper. A good night’s sleep in a dry camper is a must!

After that it’s the layout. Consider how you will be using your camper, both now – school run, commuter, mountain bike hauler – and in the future – long term tourer, summer home, festival crew bus? Thinking about how you will use your van will help guide your decision on the layout and equipment that needs to be fitted.

Let’s meet (currently unavailable)

We’re really keen to catch up with you and put your dreams into action, and we’re pleased so say that we can welcome you back on site, by appointment.

Book an onsite meeting now and you can visit our showroom, have a face-to-face meeting and see our work in the flesh.

We do have some new on site practices to keep you safe, and these can be read here. We will also send you a copy once your meeting is confirmed.

Let’s talk

Get started with a chat – Join us with a one-to-one meeting or invite the whole family, wherever they are.

With a Zoom online meeting we can take you through the process of designing, spec’ing and budgeting your camper. From the pros and cons of barn doors vs tailgate, long wheelbase vs short wheelbase or any number of other questions you might have.

We pride ourselves on giving unbiased advice that is completely catered to designing and building the best camper for you and your family.

Full conversions

Although we definitely don’t believe in cookie-cutting our campers, it doesn’t hurt to have a few guidelines to bare in mind when you’re designing one from the ground up.

The right interior depends 100% on how – and how often – you plan to use your camper. From all-out, month-long adventure to casual weekend jaunts, we’ve designed a range of models that have the spectrum covered.


With choice and flexibility at the heart of everything we do, our kits are designed to provide a DIY campervan alternative to a full Cambee conversion. But just because you’re fitting it yourself, shouldn’t mean you can’t have a top of the range van.

The Classic units come in a choice of 6 door colours, all of which will bring a pop of colour to your interior.

We think these colours cover the bases, but don’t let us cramp your style! Other colours and finishes are available to special order. Just get in touch and let us know what you want.

Not got a VW Transporter?  No problem – we can also offer square back units ready for scribing into other vans if required.

Partial conversions

Cambee offers partial conversions for VW Transporters and a selection of other vans, bringing the same build quality and attention to detail as our range of full conversions. Whatever your plans, big or small, we can deliver a conversion which will bring your van to life!

Simplicity doesn’t mean basic. Whatever you decide to do, we build our vans using parts and accessories that have a proven track record, and will give ultimate peace of mind for a long and happy life of adventure.

And if it’s something more bespoke you’re after, we’re happy to create a one off that will let your creativity blossom!

Cambee quality and features

Whatever you're going for whether it's a kit, partial or full conversion, it's the same great build quality and features you'd expect from Cambee

Contactless shipping

Wherever you are, we will ship to you safely and securely

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