Campervan Speed Limits

How fast can you drive a campervan?

In recent months DVLA have been refusing to change the body type of Kombi and Panel vans to motor caravan and instead re-registering them as “van with side windows” or “window van”. This doesn’t effect the ability to use or insure a panel or kombi van as a camper, but does bring into question the speed limits for converted campers.

Before conversion, both panel vans and most Kombis are registered with DVLA as goods vehicles and as such have speed limits of 50mph on single carriage ways, 60mph on dual carriage ways and 70mph on motorways.

According to  a Motorhomes (not more than 3.05 tonnes maximum unladen weight) can travel at car speeds .

However the updated DVLA change of use guidance states that The body type does not affect the insurance category of the vehicle, or have any effect on speed limits or other legislative requirements. It is only used for establishing vehicle appearance and identification.”

As this is contradictory, even if you already have your camper re-registered as a motor caravan, our current advice is to adhere to commercial vehicle speed limits until this is clarified by DVLA.