OB Vehicle for TV Crew & Equipment

The Broadcaster

It’s not every day a hulking great LWB VW Crafter trundles into the yard – especially one destined for such great things as the Broadcaster. This wasn’t to be a camper, or your everyday work van. TV production company, Red Handed, were looking for an OB truck to share their sports and events coverage from anywhere in Europe with the world (OB means Outside Broadcast truck in TV speak). We literally needed to get the show on the road… while helping the van rise to the more menial challenge of carrying 6 members of staff and all their kit the length of a continent.

Once we’d wired the electrics and sorted out connections to all the right satellites, we fitted 3 reclining, removable rear seats, all rotating to face a rear editing suite and director’s chair. Then we installed a load of lights (for all the job’s late nights and early starts), finishing up with a generous number of plug points (to prevent office power-source struggles).

It seems to have done the trick. Red Handed have told us contentedly in an email:

“With this amazing van we can broadcast anytime, any place, anywhere! Anything’s possible”

Since starting his career in TV, the Broadcaster’s travelled further in a year than some of the Cambee staff in a lifetime – a factory in Naples, a clementine orchard in Valencia, an olive grove in Seville, a salmon farm on the Isle of Mull, so on and so splendidly forth. Fortunately, Red Handed are sending us a few snaps so we can at least live vicariously (coming soon).

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