Blue and white cool eco campervan conversion with bespoke birch plywood kitchen, built-in fridge freezer, sink, gas hobs with clever overhead locker storage and smart seating

4 Berth Campervan with Travel Cot

Chris & Jill’s Tourer SWB ‘Bertie’

4 berth Tourer, SCA elevating roof, 4 belted seats

A passion for road trips and their bonnie new baby brought Chris and Jill to Cambee. Realising that their love of long haul trips would need to be curbed, they came looking for a way to explore a little closer to home.

After picking up Bertie in 2019, they wasted no time and within the week were off on a summer tour of the Black Forest, Swiss Alps and Alsace. With an ingenious solution for a travel cot, the whole family were comfy, cosy and completely hooked on van life; even managing to take Bertie on his first trip to the Channel Islands!

Covid put all further plans on hold, but still the family found use for their beloved van; Friday night cinema, camping out locally at a friend’s and even a week in the Cotswolds.

With renewed freedoms on the horizon, the family are planning an adventure to the Jurassic Coast which we’re sure will be the first of many this summer.

Happy camping Chris & Jill!


If you’d like details of how they engineered the travel cot (with a nifty little Cambee bench creation) feel free to get in touch.

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