T5 Conversion with Removable Kitchen Pod

Jo and Matt’s Classic Air ‘Cliff’

Matt and Jo had been crashing in an almost empty T5 for quite a while before they brought it to Cambee for a revamp. Both are keen outdoorsy types, with a soft spot for North Wales, where Jo’s from, and at their most comfortable half way up a rock face… But after a day scaling the Llanberis Pass, coming back to a night on a blow up bed was seeming less and less appealing. Deciding it was time for a little more luxury, they brought Cliff in.

Liking the idea of a removable pod, which let them cook in the great outdoors, they went for modified GT cupboards with a cool box, and opted for our low “Air” units (without back cupboards) so they’d have as many windows to gaze out at the Welsh dales from as possible. The combination worked especially well with their LWB, twin doored base – who we hear is soon taking them to France.

A few snaps from Jo of Cliff doing his thing in Wales:

Matt cooks up the most important meal of the day on the Pod kitchen:

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