LWB T5 Conversion

Nick and Lorraine’s LWB GT ‘Jessica’

Having sold their dental practice, Nick and Lorraine were bound for France and the high life. They’d dreamt of spending retirement sipping chardonnay on a French vineyard somewhere and now just needed a van that would take care of them for a few weeks at a time while they did it.

We didn’t have to think twice about recommending a GT – just the ticket with plenty of room, lots of luxuries, and cubbyholes (to stash a few bottles on the way back). Theirs being a LWB T5, they had space for an extra set of drawers, and plumped for an underbed drawer and overhead lockers to go with them.

Once they’re well acquainted with the French grape, we wonder, is it on to Italy and the Super Tuscans?

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