6 Seater T5 for Day Trips

Tony’s 6 Seater Limo

Tony initially wanted a Caravelle to take his extensive family on day trips but, needing this to double up as a work van – he hit a snag. He was a dairy farmer by profession and his trade required forklifting bulky gear into the back of the van. Side-opening barn doors were therefore a prerogative (read our guide to find out why). Alas, Caravelles one and all come with tailgates, so back to the drawing board Tony had to go.

He concluded that a bespoke design was the only way to meet all his needs and came to Cambee to rustle something up. Individual removable seats on rails meant plenty of seating configurations for Tony’s kids and each was light enough that he could take them in and out by himself (unlike Kombi seats, which take two strong pairs of hands). In a nutshell, we took the Caravelle’s versatility and transfused it into a super sleek, black T5.

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