VW campervan parked at the beach with portable camera crew studio with bespoke fitting for equipment
VW campervan parked at the beach with portable office editing suite plywood eco conversion, swivel chair with side door open

Mobile Office Kombi Van Conversion

Ultimate Multi-Functional Campervan

Cambee’s Flexible Kombi Camper Conversion

The VW T5 / T6 provides a level of practicality and comfort unmatched by any other vehicle. Cambee’s flex modules take the vehicle’s usability even further with a customizable interior built for your needs, whether you are an architect, photographer, site engineer, cameraman, sound-man, production company, video editor, musician studio engineer or anyone looking for a mobile workspace, the van can be configured to your needs.

On the inside, in Kombi mode you can configure the T5 / T6 interior to carry from two to seven people with a secure racked store behind, or up to five with the store and desk.

On-board power comes from a choice of inverters or generators producing between 150 watts – 2 kWh. With an inverter and additional leisure batteries the T5 / T6 mobile office can easily run laptops or small appliances all daylong. For more prolonged use without running the engine, a super quiet and lightweight suitcase generator can power your mobile studio for days or weeks. For the more environmentally minded, solar panels on the roof can produce 300 watts or more continuous power even on a grey day.

Whether you need a flexible mobile workspace or just fancy making the countryside or beach your office, the Cambee Flex range of modules create a campervan you can use as mobile workspace without compromise.


The Flex Office Module adds unique flexibility to the VW Cambee campervan, with the optional modular interior creating a vehicle that can be used for work or travel and still be your everyday car.


15-minute switch from camper to workspace, complete with onboard power for computers, tools or appliances.


A mobile office allows you to work where you want. From inspirational locations to client facing on-site, the VW Cambee Flex lets you get creative.


The car-like driving experience of the VW Transporter T5 and T6 makes the perfect base vehicle for the Flex – economy style and comfort without compromise.

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