Meet Cambee’s Emma

Cambee's Emma Richards on her boat

This week we’re excited to introduce you to Emma Richards. Emma has worked with Matt for years and has been with Cambee pretty much from the beginning. She’s taken on lots of different roles within Cambee and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about what’s going on around the workshop, how we work and what we can do for you. 

Let’s find out a bit more about Emma!

Do you have a van? If so what? 

My version of a van is my boat which my partner and I built. Think of it as a floating van! It’s a fast cruising catamaran and was built with a Round-The-World voyage in mind. For now though, it’s a perfect family boat for our daughter to find her sealegs and we cruise every summer in the UK.

Emma's Bedford Campervan

What was your favourite ever road trip?

When I was 19 I spent 2 months driving from Somerset to Seville in a converted Bedford ambulance! There were 3 of us and it was only 2 berth, so we had a rota of 2 nights on the bed and one night on the floor.

And do you have a favourite campsite? 

Wild camping is my thing – bringing everything you need with you, treading lightly in the great outdoors and leaving no trace behind afterwards. Self-sufficiency is such a feeling of freedom.

What brought you to Cambee? 

Matthew and I worked together in a life before Cambee, and when the company began to take off and need some organising, I got a call.

Cambee's Emma Richards steering her boat

We love the boat as a floating van! Do you have a dream on sea adventure in mind? 

When my daughter is just a little bit bigger we plan to take off on the boat and sail down the Atlantic coast of Europe to Cape Verde.

And we have to ask, which Cambee project so far has been your favourite conversion? 

I love Amy & Leigh’s Tourer, for the understated style and, of course, the amazing curtains! But also, I really like Phil & Tina’s practical, no-nonsense Pod which they used for an extended tour of Europe and beyond with their 2 little boys. Maybe because I connected with their idea of travelling with the bare essentials, or maybe because they were just proving that you don’t need every gadget to have a great time.

Top tip for enjoying your first adventure – on land or on sea?

Keep it simple, nothing tastes better than a cold beer and bangers on the BBQ under the stars.

Thanks Emma! As always, if you want to talk to Emma or any of the team about your dream van project, please do get in touch or use our Camperplan Portal to book your consultation by video or your visit to the workshop. 


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