• Motor Caravan Change of Use

    Recently, an issue has come to light regarding Change of Use applications to the DVLA when converting Panel or Kombi Van classifications to Motor Caravans following our camper van conversions. This does not affect the ability to change the number of travelling seats in the van or to insure it as a campervan. We recently …

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  • How Green is a Campervan

    So how green is a Cambee campervan? It’s a simple question but a hard one to answer and depends on many different factors. In a straight head to head between a new VW T6 and a mid-sized family estate car, based on fuel economy and emission alone, the family estate will win hands down. But …

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  • FAQ’s

    12v and 240v volt electrics explained There are two components to the power system. 12v – all the electrical items in your van will operate from this eg lights, usb sockets, water pump and fridge. 240v hookup – this powers any mains sockets in the van and consists of an input socket , a MCB …

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  • Cambee Flex & Fitting Guides

    Will The Bed Fit In My Van? – view here East Fit Subframe Fitting Guide – view here Underbed Drawer Kit Fitting Guide – view here     

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