Flex Bed Track System


M1 tested Rock and Roll bed rail system

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UPDATE: Track system requires booking into our workshop, current lead time is a minimum of 12 weeks – please call for details of available dates

Our M1 tested track system is a variant of those frequently found in aircraft, ambulances and wheelchair vehicles. The rails Cambee uses can be trusted to provide security along with complete van versatility.

Although primarily designed for the VW T5 & T6, it is also possible to install this system in other makes and models. Please phone to discuss compatability in your van.

Unbeaten Flexibility

A Cambee Flex bed on rails will lock into 5 travelling positions, providing more seating positions than the Reimo system. This means you can drive with passengers right behind the cab on a Rock and Roll bed, giving plenty of room for bikes and kit.

    T5/T6  SWB                T5/T6  LWB           
Rail length           2.2m           2.6m
Max boot space           1.7m           2.1m


View our demonstration video here

Rail Installation

We do not supply the track system as a kit and would advise using Cambee or another professional to fit it. Rail installation is a very precise job requiring sub-mm tolerance to keep it both parallel and flat.

*Prices are for the Cambee track system only and include fitting at Cambee with a 12mm plywood and vinyl floor.

Cambee Flex beds are sold separately.


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