27th October 2020
Ready for Winter Adventures?
We hope you’ve spent a summer of (somewhat restricted) fun in your van.  But if you’re thinking about sticking her in the garage ready for Spring hang on a minute!! Great insulation and a powerful onboard heater open up year round adventures, whatever the British weather throws your way.   Getting your van ready for winter...
17th August 2020
Cambee’s Top Tips for Campervanning with your Kids
Here at Cambee we have a whole heap of vans and a bunch of kids between us so over the years we’ve become really good at bringing the two together to enjoy some epic adventures with our families.  A camping holiday with your children is ideal for so many families – it’s fun, flexible, gets...
27th July 2020
Meet Cambee’s Emma
This week we’re excited to introduce you to Emma Richards. Emma has worked with Matt for years and has been with Cambee pretty much from the beginning. She’s taken on lots of different roles within Cambee and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about what’s going on around the workshop, how we work and what...
8th June 2020
7 Ways To Enjoy Your Camper Right Now
  The Government’s guidelines on camping during the continued lockdown are clear – overnight camping is not yet permitted and campsites up and down the country remain closed. However, if you’re sitting there with a beautifully converted camper you can’t currently take off in, don’t despair. Team Cambee have pulled together our favourite ways to...