rock and roll blue and white flat down bespoke bed in campervan eco bespoke conversion looking out to beautiful view
rock and roll grey and orange tarten flat down bespoke bed in campervan eco bespoke conversion with kitchen and wardrobes
cool blue rear view of rock and roll bed and plywood wardrobes with clever fold away bespoke table stowed away in campervan

The Classic GT Camper

Top of the range luxury VW camping. The definitive campervan.

The Classic GT – Our flagship design

Whether you’re travelling far and wide, or just like to “be prepared“, our flagship model has all bases covered. With a 48L underslung water tank, 240V hook-up and a class leading 60L 3-way fridge, the GT packs all the tools and toys for long-term touring, or a really luxurious mini break. Recently renamed the Classic GT, it was originally called the Grand Tour because it’ll comfortably see you through any multi-month European trek.

And our flagship camper is not just about the hardware. The best part of 300 hours, all hands on deck, goes into the construction of a GT because we pay special attention to its finishing touches – the little things like hand-varnishing its birch cabinets and matching dovetailed table runners to your cupboard doors.

Make it yours


  • Panelling: Ceiling and side panels are given a new lease of life, upholstered in your preference of faux suede, classic pinhole fabric or carpeting.
  • Tri-iso insulation: We coat cabins in this 10-ply foil to do the job of 210mm of traditional mineral wool insulation in just 40mm.
  • Floor: A base of non-slip vinyl flooring in a bright or classic shade is laid through cab and cargo.
  • Traditional or limo curtains: Choose from curtains in a matching or contrasting fabric with black-out backing. These are hung from aluminium rails for smooth running and fitted in the lower seam with magnets to help lock down your cabin from light.


  • Full-length Classic cabinets: The GT includes exclusive access to literally hundreds of Formica door colours covered in the conversion cost, letting you get really creative. These retro-inspired units are built of the toughest and lightest material in the woodshop, around a clever design incorporating removable shelves and sliding doors.
  • Cambee double Flex 118 R & R bed: Our comfortable, M1-tested bed with 2 integral 3-point seatbelts is the lightest R & R on the T5 & T6 market. Choose from a vast range of fabric colours and patterns, or bring your own to the workshop if you’ve found a print you feel was made for your T5 or T6. More on the Flex bed design here.
  • The Cambee folding table: Thanks to the GT sliding foot, this stores safely behind the Flex bed, whether the bed’s up or down.


  • 240V Mains hook-up: An external electric hook-up with safety trips (MCB/RCD 240V unit) will let you power up at a campsite without any nasty shocks.
  • 12V Battery-to-battery charger: Superb 100Ah leisure battery and charging system with Bluetooth functionality for easy system monitoring and troubleshooting. Easily topped up with mains charging or our optional solar panels.
  • Sockets: 1 x single and 1 x double brushed chrome sockets allow you to charge your phone, power your heater, straighten your hair and pat yourself on the back, all at the same time.
  • Warm LED lighting: Individually controlled LED downlighters let you switch between bright beams and mood lights.
  • 1 Gaz bottle included.


  • SMEV 9222 double hob and basin: A stainless steel, glass-topped twin burner hob with piezo ignition is a simple but effective cooking solution, connected to a 12V water pump.
  • 60L Dometic RM 5310 fridge: This class leading 3-way fridge (fridge 55L, icebox 5L) can make ice in 30C heat and will run for a couple of weeks on a single bottle of gas.
  • 25L tank: Sizeable onboard tank with a lockable external cap takes refilling water supply off your mind for that little bit longer. We can also fit extended underbody tanks with a heater for longer stays in the wilderness with a shower on tap.


  • Although the SWB GT is more popular for its ease of parking on the high street, if your camper is going to be an occasional second vehicle and mainly for longer term touring then the LWB version comes into its own. Whilst it may only be 16” (40cm) longer then the SWB, the additional space provides room for a set of draws and a larger floor area for cooking and general living, and a welcome larger standing area when the bed is down.

Recommended Additions

Overhead lockers

Completing the full cabinet set, these large aircraft style lockers are fixed above the GT units to provide easy to reach storage or a place to store baggage out of harm’s way.

Underbed drawer

As any seasoned camper will tell you, you can never have too much storage space. This giant, pull-out underbed drawer takes the pressure off your bursting cupboards and puts an end to cabin clutter. Simple to remove if you need to store longer items under the seat.

Diesel heater

Working best with a 3-way fridge, a diesel heater saves gas for your cooler and your cooker. On mere sips of diesel it will keep your camper cosy when the weather turns cold.

Single swivel

The most economical method of completely opening up your interior.


While a swivelling double seat is great for everyday driving and ups your passenger capacity, a single swivelling captain provides maximum comfort for the long-haul, 1000-mile treks. Designed to recline (doubles aren’t), captains literally bend over backwards to make sure you arrive in good shape. – Matt

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customising a GT. Get in touch to discuss supplementing your GT package with solar panels, bike racks and more.

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