Big Red

A mobile office on a budget, T5 SWB, 5 berth, Hightop roof

Cambee’s very own bookkeeper, Bertie, also works as a proof reader and wanted a special kind of camper that would transform into a workspace during the day. The idea was that, with a fully-fledged office in the back, he could fly the coop on trips round France and Blighty without having to drop everything.

Bertie spends his days keeping us on budget and wasn’t going to let us overspend on his own project. So, for our base we sourced a low-cost Vauxhall Movano (under £4,000) to keep us in the black. Despite the strict budget Big Red is huge, actually has 5 belted seats, sleeps 5 and has been kitted out with everything an office could hope for. That includes a fridge, microwave, 240v electrics and a double bed which folds away in the day.

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