Sophie and Toby’s Pod

Living up to the legend of the Westfalia, Sophie and Toby’s T5 is the ultimate modern day surf-mobile. Both were into catching waves, and liked the option of storing their boards either under the Cambee bed or on the van roof. Opting for a Pod kitchen unit freed up more space for more boards – and choosing a fully removable Pod meant they’d be able to have drinks and dinners out on the surf with friends.

While Sophie and Toby now had a newborn to factor into their adventures – that didn’t mean the tide had turned on their surfing days! Their system’s simple: while one parent hunkers down comfortably in the van with the new arrival, the other can get out on the waves and vice versa. Young surfing parents, take note!

“Hi Matt, A big thank you to you, Storm and the team for our fantastic van conversion. You have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We have really appreciated your enthusiasm, innovative design ideas and patience- you’ve done a great job in listening to our vague ideas and turning them into a practical reality! We are thrilled with the finished result, the quality of workmanship and attention to detail, and can’t recommend you more highly to others. We are so excited to have our fun van home and can’t wait to start planning some trips away in it- maybe starting this weekend! “

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