Anna & Malcolm’s Classic

Between all the nooks and crannies in their home turf of Devon and the sunny highways of Europe, retired BBC cameraman Malcolm and his wife Anna had a long list of places to drive off into the sunset to.

Opting for a Cherry Harrow seat, Sunrise red floor, Rosso red cabinets and curtains recycled from a well-loved pair of drapes from home, there are no prizes for guessing what this couple’s favourite colour is.

To make sure their van didn’t also leave their finances in the red, we fitted overhead shelves, a lower priced alternative to lockers, and chose to adapt a Classic for longer campsite tours rather than go for the GT, adding in hook-up and swiveling front seats to ensure it was up to task.

“The van is going very well and we are looking forward to the camping season. Everybody admires the conversion and we tell them it works very well”

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