Matt’s Classic

Matt’s latest demo seemed a bit too good to hand over to his little terrors for the summer so, spotting this ex plumber’s van for under £3,000, he jumped at the chance for a low cost stand-in that he wouldn’t have to spend his holiday patrolling.

Though with almost 150k on the clock, Duke had definitely served time, Matt knew that a little TLC would have it spick and span for the annual family trip to the South of France.

And right he was – a two-tone paint job quickly took care of the dings around the bottom of the body, and a set of Classic cabinets and Safari roof soon breathed new life into the interior – Duke was reborn. Matt and the terrors had a fantastic few runs in him before adding an extra removable seat and selling him on to a local family with 5 kids so Duke could enjoy camper retirement in good hands.

Proof a van that’s put in some hard graft is definitely well worth considering if your annual mileage will be sub 10k – and makes a great budget option for the family getaway.

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