Grand Tour 2 berth 2003 VW camper 1.9 104 bhp T5, 7 belted seats, 3 way fridge, removable rock & roll bed, removable double buddy seat, DVD player and 19″ TV Captain Seats

Having been on a fair few camper trips in his time, Matt (Cambee’s proprietor) knows all the necessities for travelling with children. Transforming his van, Jasmine, into the ultimate family camper, we added extras like a track system with double buddy seats, so it could transport the kids & co to the south of France, as well as take care of school runs back home.

Next up was the dashboard DVD player with 19″ flat screen, topped off with a huge 3 way fridge with room for a week’s worth of ice creams. He’s yet to hear an “are-we-there-yet?”…

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