Michael’s Stealthy Classic

Michael’s job took him around the country inspecting farms, and through a fair few of its B&Bs until one morning he decided he’d had his last half-full English… A camper was definitely a better place to be hitting the hay.

At the top of our mission statement with this camper: making sure it didn’t look like a camper at all. Michael wanted to be able to kip in the back without a soul knowing he was in there. Commence operation: Covert Camper.

With work taking him considerable distances, he was looking for a van in pretty good condition to start with, so we helped him source a simple, low mileage model. It didn’t have any rear windows, which worked well with our ruse but risked giving Michael cabin fever, so we fitted a set in tinted glass in the middle panels. Next we fashioned a special blackout blind to separate the cab from the cabin at night – successfully creating the illusion that all you’d find within were nuts and bolts…

Inside, of course, there was really a full set of our Classic side units, a cushy double Cambee R & R and white suede-lined padding. Making sure Michael (who had a fair few inches on most campers) was completely comfortable, we also shortened the lockers and the cabinets, to keep knocks to the head to a bare minimum.

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