David and Kate’s Custom Pod camper

4 berth “Picnic Pod”, 2004 T5 1.9 102bhp, SCA elevating roof with bed on rams. 5 belted seats

David, Kate and their kids were looking for a camper that they could use as an everyday car. Having sources a multi-van with a caravel seat in the back they now wanted to be use their van for regular day trips and also longer holidays.

The SCA roof was chosen for its additional space but also as David would be commuting in the van, needed a roof with minimal wind noise which the SCA offers.

The rear picnic pod arrangement was invented to allow for simple cooking in and out of the van, and with its position away from the seating area David could safely cook away from the kids.

A table, some rear side lockers and a removable rear bed panel completed their simple camper.

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