Why Should I Buy A Campervan?

The campervan movement shows no sign of slowing down. Owning your own house on wheels provides greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to getting out and enjoying nature than ever before. If you’re at the start of your journey to find the perfect campervan to be enjoyed by the whole family or still on the fence about whether a camper is right for you, here are our top reasons to buy your very own campervan. 


It’s More Cost Effective

If, like us, you love to explore far and wide on a regular basis, it doesn’t take long for the cost of hotels and B&Bs to rack up, especially if you’re taking kids along on your adventures. Owning a campervan can save so much money over time and give you access to ever more wonderful little spots to bed down for the night. 

Family Friendly 

Having the space and storage to take along home comforts makes it much easier and more enjoyable when heading on holiday rather than having to stuff the car to the brim and tackling an epic journey. Better still, you can introduce the kids to some awesome experiences along the way. 

More Freedom 

Owning your van means you’ve always got the opportunity to grab your essentials and go at a moment’s notice. Having all the comforts of home at your fingertips saves the time and effort of packing and unpacking so that you can head off and explore. It also means that you can make your hard earned holidays go a little further being unrestricted by transportation timetables; the freedom of being able to travel at a time that suits you means that you can eke that weekend trip out a little further without the hassle of having to unpack everything the second you return. 

Totally Customisable

One of the best things about owning a campervan is that you can tweak and adapt it to suit your changing needs as you go along. Maybe you start out with more basic facilities like a comfy bed, space to cook or even decent lighting to get you going. You can then tweak or transform your van as you start to understand what you really need to make those adventures go even further. 


Less Cumbersome Than A Caravan 

Hopping in your camper and just driving is far easier than having to plan around when and where you can haul your caravan to. The van is so much easier to navigate around towns and cities and you’re much more likely to find a cheeky little spot to park up in than would be possible in a larger caravan. Simply wait for a sunny weekend and get going. Also let’s face it, campers are just a little bit nicer to look at!

Discovering New Spaces 

The driveable world really is your oyster. Opening up new locations close to home or further afield, if you can drive there – you have a ready-made holiday destination in the bag. You can be in any part of the UK or Europe quickly and easily and often have access to more undiscovered areas than you would on an organised holiday package or if just in the car. 

It’s Camping But Better 

There isn’t an awful lot more nourishing for the soul than camping and being immersed in the natural world. Except maybe doing that in your very own tiny home full of the facilities and comfort you’re used to! The joy of waking up in a comfy bed under your own duvet and being able to take off at your leisure far beats wrestling with damp tents and groundsheets. 


The Community 

Wherever you end up in your campervan, you’re likely to encounter others searching for a similar way of life or experience to you. We’ve made some great friends on our adventures, ones who really understand the journey you go on creating the perfect home away from home. 

If you’re ready to invest in a campervan or would like to discuss your specific needs with us – please do contact us.  Happy adventuring!